Columbus Gameday Experience

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We had a great time waving the flags! It was fun to be a celebrity. Everyone around us was texting their friends saying look for us we are right next to the WSU gray flag.

ESPN made sure that we knew they were going to show the flags, as an ESPN worker came up to us and said “WSU you are next keep waving the flag! You are doing a good job.” My son Jeff said look Mom the camera on the rope is pointing at us, I need to make sure the flag looks good! Because there was very little wind, we had to keep the pole going in a figure 8 to make the flag wave.

Also, at the end I went to the stage and “Bear” saw my shirt and said…”We want to go to Wazzu this year. If the WSU USC game was not on a Friday…that would have been the game…We might make some magic happen!”

It was fun to speak with him. He really was genuine in his tone about wanting to take Game Day to Pullman. Maybe some day…

Sandy Turner